Sudan Rume by Granja Paraiso 92 - 100 g.

500.00 ฿
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Introducing the latest creation from master coffee grower Wilton Benitez - a specialty coffee bean that is sure to delight the senses. Cultivated with Wilton's signature thermo shock processing techniques, this bean is a product of his expertise and lifelong dedication to producing exotic and sought-after coffee.

At his processing plant in Cauca, Colombia, Wilton and his team meticulously ensure the same standard of quality, from regional lots to microlots. His farm, Granja Paraiso 92, is home to different varieties of coffee, grown using innovative cultivation methods such as drip irrigation, shade-growth, and terraces, as well as anaerobic fermentation, introduced microorganisms, and thermal shock.

Wilton's attention to detail extends to measuring every aspect of the coffee at a chemical level in his labs, ensuring optimal fermentation and nutrition. The result is a coffee that has been turning heads in recent years and is now available for you to savor. Cheers to Wilton and his exceptional craftsmanship.